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Introduction to Savvy Esquires, PLLC
April 1, 2021 at 11:00 PM
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Access to effective legal strategies has historically been restricted by too much complexity and prohibitive pricing. This is especially true for startups and small businesses, both of which stand to benefit from expert legal counsel.

Savvy Esquires, PLLC was founded on a strong mission to change this, with a special focus on making class-leading legal strategies accessible to creative entrepreneurs.

Our firm is able to do this by offering expertise across various practice areas in an affordable and streamlined manner.

Here’s more information about Savvy Esquires, PLLC, and why our firm occupies a unique place among legal practices.

Our uncommon blend of legal expertise, technology, and entrepreneurial focus

Savvy Esquires, PLLC brings high-powered legal counsel and representation to the traditionally underserved entrepreneurial and creative space. Our services are specifically geared towards startups and small businesses.

On one hand, this means we can streamline our processes to offer clients affordability they can’t get elsewhere. On the other, it enables us to offer our services in a way that’s aligned with the precise challenges startups and small businesses face, helping them in the ways that matter most.

Savvy Esquires, PLLC team

Our attorneys’ individual and collective experience plays a large role in making it possible for us to serve clients the way we do. Miakel D. Williams, our managing partner, is a technology attorney with vast experience advising clients on matters such as brand protection, corporate governance, and emerging technologies.

He also provides counsel to clients on other entrepreneur-focused areas such as high-growth ventures, strategic corporate growth, privacy, and technology transactions.

David A. Williams, our founding partner, has experience reviewing and negotiating contracts on behalf of the United States government and private industries. That’s in addition to his work providing advice on M&As, trademarks, and non-disclosure agreements.

Our lawyers also hold degrees from some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools.

Our practice areas

Corporate and startups

We advise different types of corporations, such as partnerships and both publicly and privately held companies, on their rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

More specifically, we do this through consultations on issues that include:

  • Business formation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Corporate governance
  • Privacy and cyber-security
  • Contact review
  • Real estate
  • Startups

Intellectual property

Savvy Esquires helps creators of all kinds to secure their intellectual property. We provide pre-emptive strategy sessions to assist clients in seeing and acting upon methods for long-term IP protection.

Our lawyers provide advice on selecting, enforcing, and protecting copyrights, trademarks, and domain secrets. We take pride in knowing that this plays a crucial role in safeguarding our clients’ business models and helping them maintain their competitive edge.

Within this area of our practice, our expertise includes:

  • Brand protection strategies
  • Copyright
  • Representation for creatives, influencers, and public figures
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Wills and power of attorney

Adopting a slightly different approach to our more business-focused practice areas, we treat wills and power of attorney cases with the sensitivity and foresight they require.

By establishing a detailed and legally binding plan, our clients achieve peace of mind from knowing that their loved ones are catered for.

Reach out to Savvy Esquires, PLLC for distinguished expert help with your legal needs

As a startup founder or small business owner, you can now benefit from highly effective legal strategies that are affordable and delivered through a unique, streamlined process. Savvy Esquires provides legal services in California, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. For intellectual property needs, we can assist you wherever you are in the U.S. Book a consultation now, or leave a message for us through our contact form.