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3 key factors when choosing a startup attorney in New York
October 6, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A man consulting with his startup attorney in New York and reviewing a computer screen.

Running a startup and nurturing growth is already a full-time job. However, operating a startup also imposes innumerable legal obstacles. Without a startup attorney in New York, it’s impossible to navigate these without incurring debilitating penalties. Luckily, at Savvy Esquires, we’re the leading law firm for startups with over 5-years of experience. Unlike competitors, we cater services to each client and offer streamlined, transparent solutions that make legal guidance accessible to everyone.

Here’s how to choose a startup lawyer:

Industry experience

When looking for a startup attorney in New York, consider their industry experience. Your startup lawyer should have experience in your specific industry.

This specialized knowledge should be non-negotiable because every industry has a unique host of legal obstacles and compliances to circumvent and adhere to. Failing to account for these legal aspects and appropriately navigate them stunts the growth of your business.

Even better, finding a lawyer with specialized experience means they likely have highly specialized colleagues they can get assistance from, which optimizes your startup legal services. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure your startup lawyer is business-oriented.

It’s also critical for your attorney to have experience working with emerging high-growth companies and their venture capital investors. This experience is the only way to ensure your attorney has experience in all stages of a startup’s lifecycle.

At Savvy Esquires, we have an extensive, broad range of experience across several industries, and we can’t wait to guide your company to prosperity.

Professional chemistry and compatibility

When choosing a startup attorney in New York, chemistry is essential. You’ll work closely with your lawyer and ultimately entrust them with the well-being of your company in its nascent stages.

Ensure you have compatible personalities. Part of this will be gut feeling because it’s difficult to determine upfront and during consultations or interviews. However, chemistry also applies to business growth. Your startup lawyer should be flexible.

Your attorney should be capable of and willing to adapt as your business grows. Also, ensure you and your lawyer are on the same page. For example, your attorney should be available when you need them to be. Some situations require immediate counsel and action.

At Savvy Esquires, we cater to each client and are committed to exceeding their expectations of us so they can exceed their expectations of themselves.


When selecting a startup attorney in New York, pricing is crucial. Startups have limited working capital already. Assess fees and honestly determine if you can afford them.

Make sure you establish pricing immediately to understand how they will charge you. Everything is negotiable, so it’s crucial to get set fee agreements for items that are especially integral to your business and its success.

If a lawyer is evasive about discussing pricing, this indicates an inexcusable lack of transparency. Abandon this prospect ASAP. Ideally, your lawyer will customize their work and billing to your needs. Cookie-cutter solutions are inapplicable when it comes to business law.

An open and honest dialogue is imperative. Luckily, at Savvy Esquires, we get to know you so we can perfectly tailor services to your individuating business demands.

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If you need a startup attorney in New York, Savvy Esquires is the leading solution. More than just a service, we pride ourselves on ingratiating into businesses, getting to know exactly who they are, and providing tailored solutions that align with their unique goals. We offer economic, streamlined, and transparent legal services that make legal counsel more affordable and accessible than ever before. Schedule an appointment now! We can’t wait to succeed together.